Air Handlers

The Most Important Piece of Your Home Comfort System

An air handler regulates and circulates the air in your HVAC system. It helps distribute conditioned air (warm or cool) throughout the building. A more powerful Electronically Communicated Motor (ECM) in your air handler greatly improves efficiency. All Seasons Comfort Systems are experts in this type of installation!
Using advanced technology, your ECM monitors the data coming from your heating and cooling system and automatically makes the adjustments to fan speed necessary to meet your comfort needs. As an added bonus, it gradually ramps up to full speed, eliminating the sudden, noisy blast of air that you hear with a standard furnace motor.

Your air handler is the heart of your HVAC system.


Why Do I Need an Air Handler?

  • Comfort: A variable speed system like an ECM precisely controls airflow to provide better temperature control, humidity control and air distribution. A higher degree of precision means a higher level of comfort.

  • Efficiency: Compared to a conventional single-speed air handler, a variable speed unit like an ECM performs better and uses about two-thirds less electricity, meaning a lower monthly utility bill!

  • Quiet: A variable speed air handler also ensures quieter operation. The furnace slowly ramps up to speed, so there’s no sudden “kick” or “blast” of air at startup.

A variable speed motor can also help better clean the air in your home. When the fan is in constant operation, the motor will continue to slowly circulate air, allowing your air filters to capture more contaminants, keeping them from polluting the air in your home.

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