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Air & Furnace Filters

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Air & Furnace Filters

A Quick & Easy Air Cleaning Solution

Did you know that your heating and cooling systems actually contribute to your indoor air pollution? This is why it’s important to make sure you have a clean and effective filter for your furnace. Filters helps filter your indoor air as it gets re-introduced to your HVAC system.

Instantly improve your indoor air quality by changing your air filters and furnace filters.


Air Filter Facts

Here’s a quick list of information you should consider when choosing the right air filters for your home:

  • Filter Size – listed on the filter’s label, the most common filters are 1” thick; check your furnace for it’s recommended filter size.

  • Change & Replace – filters should typically be changed every 30 to 60 days; change more frequently when there are pets or smoking in the home.

  • MERV Rating – the number that indicates how well the filter traps contaminants, with a scale of 1 to 16; the lowest ratings filter out up to 60% of your air contaminants and the highest filter out up to 98% of your air pollution.

  • Materials – the most common materials used include fiberglass, polyester and pleated fibers and are disposable, but there are also washable cloth filters (typically for industrial or commercial facilities) and electronic filters.

Need New Filters?

Do you need new filters for your home? Have questions about your indoor air quality? Call All Seasons Comfort Systems with your questions, and our highly trained staff will help you with answers. Our reliable team of expert technicians will make sure you have the indoor air quality solutions you need for your home.

The most effective air quality system is the one that is properly installed and maintained. With All Seasons Comfort Systems Inc, you can rely on our team to be knowledgeable and reliable enough to get your equipment installed, or fixed, correctly the first time. Call us today at 417-739-4606, or make an appointment with us online.

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