Call it Murphy’s Law, or maybe just a little misfortune, but we sometimes see heat pump issues in Reeds Spring during the winter time, when they’re needed the most to keep you warm. While you know the team at All Seasons Comfort Systems Inc will always be there ASAP when you ask for us for a heat pump repair, there are some things you can do to confirm that a repair is needed and save yourself some money if it’s not. We’ve collected this checklist of things to test before you give us a call.

1. It may sound ridiculous, but make sure everything is switched “on”. We’ve been to several calls only to realize the thermostat or the heat pump itself is switched off.

  • Look at your thermostat to guarantee it’s on, switched to the proper temperature and isn’t fixed to cool.

  • Then try swapping out the battery, if it has one.

  • If everything looks correct, check your furnace switch (check your manual if you’re hesitant about where it is) and inspect your fuses and circuit breaker.

  • Confirm that your gas is on.

2. If the furnace still hasn’t turned on, go back to your thermostat.

  • If it’s a programmable model, confirm that it’s showing the accurate time. If it thinks it’s morning when it’s actually night, it may not turn your heat on because it doesn’t understand that you’re home.

3. Is an impasse causing your furnace to not work?

  • Examine your air filters to ensure they’re not clogging things up.

  • Do you have any congested ducts, vents or cool air entries?

  • Are all supply registers open?

  • Is your exhaust flue open?

If you’ve worked through this checklist and you’re still deprived of heat, call All Seasons Comfort Systems Inc at 417-739-4606 or schedule an appointment online and we’ll get your home back to the warm and cozy place it should be.