Your Home Shouldn’t Be A Desert

Do you suffer from dry skin? Or dry, irritated nasal passages? Are you plagued by static shocks within your home? These are signs that the air in your home may be too dry. Other symptoms can include:

  • Cracked or peeling wallpaper.

  • Cracked or warped wood.

  • Recurrent respiratory illnesses.

  • Persistent allergies.

  • Excessive coughing.

Increase your home comfort with a whole home humidifier.


The Solution?

A whole home humidifier helps regulate humidity for your entire space. It maintains the right level of moisture in your air to keep both your home and loved ones healthy.

How Does it Work?

Typically, whole home humidifiers are set up to integrate with your current HVAC system. Using carefully regulated water vapor, your humidifier introduces humidity to your home your existing ductwork. The levels of humidity are measured and controlled by your thermostat. This keeps your home at a healthy humidity all year round!

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of a whole home humidifier include:

  • Healthy Environment – Experience fewer respiratory problems and less skin irritation.

  • Preserve Your Home – Reduce damage done to wood, furniture and wallpaper.

  • Comfort – Get rid of those static shocks and irritated sinuses!

  • Easy to Use – There’s no cleaning or refilling, unlike a portable humidifier.

  • Automatic Control – Set your desired humidity level with your thermostat and relax.

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